California Transparency in Supply Chains

On January 1,2012, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 went into effect in the State of California, USA.  This law was designed to increase the amount of information made available by manufacturers and retailers regarding their efforts to address the issue of slavery and human trafficking, thereby allowing consumers to make better, more informed choices regarding the products they purchase and the companies they choose to support.  Chamilia is opposed to slavery and human trafficking and defines its basic principles to conduct business in a lawful and ethical manner and to support the right of all individuals to be free from slavery and any kind of forced labour in the workplace.

Similar to its well-known affiliate, Swarovski, Chamilia has adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct aligned with the UN Global Compact’s Principles for human rights, labor and the environment, outlining what is expected of our suppliers and contractors.  Chamilia expects its suppliers to fully obey all applicable national laws and regulations and other governmental authorities of any country in which they do business, and to treat their workforce fairly and with respect.  To enforce our company standards and to ensure our suppliers adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct, we include a clause in the commercial agreement governing our contractual relationship with suppliers, which stipulates that our suppliers must abide by our Supplier Code of Conduct and with all applicable laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, national and international laws prohibiting any kind of forced and bonded labor (such as slavery and human trafficking).

Chamilia, either itself or through qualified, third party auditors, conducts announced or unannounced audits of its approved suppliers to monitor compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct.  In the event Chamilia becomes aware of any actions or conditions not in compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct, we reserve the right to demand corrective measures.  Chamilia reserves the right to terminate an agreement with any supplier that does not comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Chamilia, through its involvement in the Responsible Jewellry Council (RJC), also seeks to ensure compliance with the RJC’s standards relating to slavery and human trafficking.  The RJC was established in 2005 to promote responsible ethical sourcing, human rights, and social and environmental practices in the gold, platinum and diamond supply chains.  The RJC’s certification process is rigorous, including independent, third-party audits regarding its members’ compliance with human rights standards.  In 2015, Chamilia, along with the Swarovski Gemstones Business, were audited by an accredited third-party to verify compliance with the RJC’s Code of Practices, therefore becoming a certified RJC member.  Additional information on the RJC may be obtained here.
We recognize and encourage our suppliers to seek RJC certification.  However, as we strive to minimize duplication of audits and certification in factories, we let our suppliers choose their own approach.

Corporate Sustainability within the Swarovski organization of companies is supported at the highest level – by our Executive Board, all of whom are descendants of Swarovski’s founder, Daniel Swarovski.  Corporate Sustainability collaborates with colleagues across the various Swarovski businesses, including Chamilia, to help them integrate sustainability into their activities by providing expertise on relevant issues and delivering projects to complement their aims and implement corrective actions.

Chamilia works with Corporate Sustainability to create internal training material for relevant Chamilia employees.  Further, Corporate Sustainability also works with Chamilia to educate us as to how to provide advisory services to our suppliers in order to strengthen our relationships and build more sustainable capacities within the factories of our suppliers.
For more information on the Swarovski companies’ commitment to eradicate and prevent slavery and trafficking in its supply chains, visit the Swarovski Group Sustainability Report page of our Sustainability Report.