Touches of 14K gold harmonize with sterling silver and Swarovski Zirconia in luxurious brilliance.

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  1. Dragonfly Pairs Charm
    Dragonfly Pairs Charm
  2. Sunflower Charm
    Sunflower Charm
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  3. Star And Moon Charm
    Star And Moon Charm
  4. White Rosette Drop Charm
    White Rosette Drop Charm
  5. Pave Cross Charm
    Pave Cross Charm
  6. Tufted Queen Charm
    Tufted Queen Charm
  7. Sea Scallop Charm
    Sea Scallop Charm
  8. Seahorse Charm
    Seahorse Charm
  9. 14K Open Serpentine Charm
    14K Open Serpentine Charm
  10. Tiara Nested Hearts Charm
    Tiara Nested Hearts Charm
  11. Let Love Grow Family Tree Charm
    Let Love Grow Family Tree Charm
  12. Elegance Charm
    Elegance Charm