Keep your favorite memories close to your heart with signature pendants and necklaces in precious sterling silver.

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  1. 14K Gold Baby Chain
    14K Gold Baby Chain
    Out of stock
  2. Glam Chain
    Glam Chain
    Out of stock
  3. True North Pendant
    True North Pendant
    Out of stock
  4. Drop Chain Necklace
    Drop Chain Necklace
  5. Origins Bar Necklace
    Origins Bar Necklace
  6. Four Hearts Pendant
    Four Hearts Pendant
  7. Alight Necklace
    Alight Necklace
    $295.00 $59.00
  8. Alight Pendant
    Alight Pendant
  9. Seven Days Long Necklace
    Seven Days Long Necklace
  10. Sparkling Starfish Pendant
    Sparkling Starfish Pendant
  11. Luna Pendant
    Luna Pendant
    Out of stock
  12. Treasures Loved Necklace
    Treasures Loved Necklace
  13. Treasured Necklace
    Treasured Necklace
  14. Treasures Blessed Necklace
    Treasures Blessed Necklace
  15. Treasures Joy Necklace
    Treasures Joy Necklace